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Used in combination with stainless steel banding and a clamping tool, the Straptite stainless steel buckles are used to tension and join the two ends of the banding in order to form a custom size clamp. Primarily used in applications where heavy duty fastening is required. As with the band, our buckles are manufactured from high quality stainless steel that ensures clamping quality.


The main feature of the buckle is its high-strength. This feature is due to the single stainless steel pressing design with no joins or seams. The buckles are available in matching 10mm (3/8″), 12mm (1/2″), 16mm (5/8″) and 19mm (3/4″) widths and with the exception of the 10mm buckle, which allows for a double-wrap application to solve extra heavy duty clamping requirements.

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