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Pre-packaged stainless steel strapping which is provided in a self-dispensing box. The steel comes in lengths of 30m and a thickness of either 0.5mm or 0.7mm. This strapping is typically used in combination with stainless steel winged clips or buckles that band together in order to create custom sized clamps. Clips are for light duty applications while buckles are used for heavier duty clamping.

Stainless steel strapping is typically used for light to medium strength requirements such as installing a pole or securing a street name on a sign. We have 304 stainless steel available which is the most common choice in steel. Straptite also offers 201 stainless steel which is a great choice for strong, affordable banding. Industries that prefer this type are those looking for more durability at a lower cost and are not worried about exposure to corrosive elements.

The steel strapping is neatened and smoothed down around the edges of the steel in order to prevent any of the handlers from sustaining injuries.

At Straptite, we have a coil processing division that specialises in the production of stainless steel strapping. In this division the product is split and cut to size which allows us to deliver your product to you quickly and efficiently.

Straptite also offers 200m rolls that are available upon request.

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