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Strapping can be held together by stainless steel buckles or winged-clips. The stainless steel buckle is used for heavy duty requirements, but for light to medium duty requirements it can be replaced with a stainless steel winged-clip. These winged-clips are also referred to as wing seals. They are referred to as wing seals because of their appearance. The ‘wings’ are bent to hold the banding together.

The winged-clips are manufactured with the same high strength stainless steel as the buckles and strapping and match the 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 19mm range of sizes for the buckles and strapping. There are 100 units per box.

At Straptite, our stainless steel winged clip material is tested by professionals to ensure that it meets the stainless steel industry standards. Straptite wing seals are fully annealed – which means that they are heated and cooled slowly. This process removes any internal stresses on the steel and toughens it. 

These clips are commonly utilized to secure stainless steel strapping after the tensioning of the strapping. Making use of the clip allows clients to create their own custom sized clamps. The winged-clips are very easy to use and are also reliable when it comes to the security of the clamp.

Clips are the preferred choice among clients when it comes to light duty applications. Straptite has wing seals available in 304 grade stainless or galvanised material. This is the most commonly used stainless steel and it is practically non-magnetic. 304 Grade steel is great for outdoor projects because the steel is anti-corrosive and can manage all weather conditions.

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